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Communications is the bedrock of human existence. Since cavemen put paintings on walls, we've been trying to tell other people what we think, feel or believe. 

Even children that don't understand the depth of cognitive communication, can string two tin cans together to communicate from a distance. 

Click here for how many different ways you can do it now. 

Everyone over the age of 30 knows about filing cabinets. A data centre is a MASSIVE filing cabinet. The purpose of the filing cabinet was to store information. These days that's called data. From there we've progressed to BIG data.


Is your data BIG?


Cloud.. cloud.. what is cloud? 

It's not about a cloud. There is no cloud in the sky. 

Cloud lets you give away your power and responsibility and can now manage your data for you. 

Your cloud can be private or public. Which one is yours? 

Cutting Through the Bullshit

The one thing that I have found working in the IT industry for the past 15 years, is engineers love acronyms. 

Many times it's these acronyms that can confuse the understanding of a solution because they mean nothing to many of us. 

It's time to get past the hype and understand what's actually needed to have 24/7 access to everything, secure storage of your information and the ability to use your data to your advantage. 


  The opinions expressed on this site are my own point of view and do not express the opinions or point of view of others. 
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